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The Join Our Team page is not necessarily simply about providing qualified talent a means though which to make contact with your firm. It can also be an effective perception asset that indirectly and subtly suggests that your company is growing rapidly and that it needs to be proactive about meeting its ongoing recruiting needs. Although it is geared towards potential hire candidates, this page is often visited by new business prospects. When this happens, it provides a perfect opportunity to reinforce the perception of the background, market position, future potential, culture, and values of your company. This indirect messaging can also help deliver an added validation boost to prospects who may be looking for ways to estimate the size of your workforce; a Join Our Team page suggests that it is significant and actively growing. It is also recommended that, once you expand upon how professionally rewarding it might be to work for your organization, you make a quick mention of your non-discriminatory hiring policy. The overall length of the content of this page can vary widely; our recommendation is to keep it between 125 and 200 words. (1)

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