Said about us

Said about us

“ESC has always provided products and analysis on time and on target to the requirement. ESC met or exceeded all expectations with regard to scheduling workflow and product development.”

Michael Wade


“…The management team, both on-site and at home office locations, were supportive and attentive to the government’s needs and mission objectives.”

Sherri Comer


Said about us

“ESC continued to support the contract with sterling performance that met, or in some cases, exceeded the standard. ESC managed the contractor team to support all required events both onsite and in locations requiring travel. They supported the branch mission with exceptional skill and dedication with no issues. ESC delivered professional products and consistently met expectations.”

Contracting officer
U.S. Air Force

“The true strength of ESC is that they employ highly professional personnel, best practices, incorporate innovative technology applications, and employ methodologies that ensure how quality, schedule, cost, and performance will be achieved. ESC has exceeded contract requirements for providing SMEs and consultant personnel on this project, which has resulted in high customer satisfaction.”

Helene Briley


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